Photos and websites I've done
I can provide a range of services should you want to work with me. I normally work with small businesses, startups and sole traders looking for that initial push to get off the ground or progress from a basic level.
Web Design
I build easy to maintain and edit websites usually using Wordpress as a Content Management System to allow you to edit your own site without any programming knowledge.
Graphic Design
I have been doing graphic design since being a young teenager. I can provide logos, banners, fliers, posters and a wide range of graphical designs
I have recently taken up photography and so can provide a basic level of photography if you so wish.

Blog Updates

This is mainly for me to occasionally write about things I do, perhaps. But it's not really for you. Don't look at it. I said stop looking at it. Ok, go ahead, read it then, but don't expect much....
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Aberystwyth Wales, UK
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